Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Court rules ‘illegal’ Montreal Hasidic synagogue can stay despite campaign to shut it down

MONTREAL — News reports have branded it an “illegal synagogue,” and local activists at odds with the neighbourhood’s growing Hasidic population have campaigned to have it shut down, but a court has ruled… Continue reading

Human Rights Commission Won’t Protect Faith – Just Orientation

Two years after Rogers Sportsnet anchor Damian Goddard was sacked soon after coming out in favour of “traditional” marriage, the Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed his longstanding claim that the firing was… Continue reading

Anti-religious Bigotry Given Voice on BBC

Philosopher Daniel Dennett applies Darwinian evolutionary theory not just to species, but to ideas – specifically to religious belief. He believes religion hampers rational thought and ultimately damages our species. Professor Dennett told journalist… Continue reading