Mission & Vision

The CCRF holds the following mission and vision for freedom, eqaility, and openness in Canadian democratic life:

  1. That every person of faith enjoy fair and equitable treatment and protection under the law;
  2. That religious freedom be treated with equal attention,  weight, and consequence with other Constitutional freedoms in law and in practice in all institutions;
  3. That public and private organizations formally and in practice recognize the central role of the expression and practice of traditional faith in all areas of life;
  4. That the expression and practice of traditional faith be recognized, accommodated, and encouraged, for its authentic and positive contributions to public life, in the workplace, and in social, educational, and health services;
  5. That the role of faith in matters of personal and professional conscience be affirmed, respected, and legally protected.
  6.  That anti-religious and Christophobic bias, hatred, and bigotry in all media be identified and addressed using the full weight of  the law;
  7. That traditional faith voices share an equal place at the table of public discussion, debate, and decision-making;
  8. That secularism be recognized as simply one worldview among many, one that does not in any way represent a neutral approach to the operation of organizations, whether public or private.