Board of Directors

Father Geoffrey Korz – Orthodox Christian

A priest, academic, teacher, public advocate, and father, Father Geoffrey serves as the Chairman of the CCRF. He has gained notariety for his writing on a variety of social, spiritual, and political subjects, particularly on issues of education. A former public school trustee, he has been active in a wide variety of cultural organizations.


Archdeacon John Smith – Anglican

A lifetime community volunteer and advocate for the needs of new Canadians, Archdeacon John Smith is well-known to people inside and outside government. A former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and cabinet minister, he enjoys devoting his energies to pastoral work and family.


Jim EnosPentecostal

An untiring public voice for families, Jim’s research into ineffective government programs and advocacy for religious freedoms has earned him widespread respect, as well as the discontent of the anti-religious special interests he effectively exposed. A dedicated foster parent and father, Jim is employed full time in private business.


Dr. Alexander Roman – Eastern Catholic

Alex has served in countless roles at Ontario’s Legislative Assembly, working on legislation and a wide variety of multicultural and public involvement over the last three decades. His academic work in public policy and Canada’s multicultural makeup make him a sought-after advisor in the public and private sector alike. Alex is well-known for his passion for Canada’s history, and for his years of creative volunteer efforts in civic affairs, cultural and religious education.


Dr. Teresa Pierre, PhD – Roman Catholic

An academic and educator, Dr. Teresa Pierre is a long-time advocate for the freedoms of faith-based schools, and the protection of the legal rights of parents. She has dedicated many years to ensuring the integrity of Catholic education in Ontario, and her experience with the mechanisms of the politics of religious freedom in education at the local level is a welcome addition to the Board.


Dr. David Koyzis, PhD – Reformed Christian

David Koyzis teaches political science at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, and is the author of the award-winning Political Visions and Illusions (InterVarsity Press, 2003). He has recently completed another book manuscript on authority, office and the image of God for which he is currently seeking a publisher. He is an amateur poet and musician and has a special interest in sung metrical psalmody, especially the 16th-century Genevan Psalter. Born near Chicago and living now in Canada, he sometimes calls himself a Franco-Greek-Cypriot-Finno-Anglo-American-Canadian, one of the smallest ethnic minorities in North America.