British Christians preparing for discrimination because of legalization of same-sex “marriages”

Christians of Great Britain are  preparing for the fact that after legalization of same-sex “marriages” they will  have to face discrimination in various forms.A Christian campaign group, “Coalition for marriage” which struggled against  change of the traditional definition of marriage, has prepared a leaflet where  advice can be found on how teachers and parents must defend the freedom of  conscience and prevent ideological indoctrination of children.

The leaflet notes that it must be assured that, speaking on the idea of  marriage, convictions of both parents of school students and school workers  should be respected. In case of discrimination, the “Coalition” recommends the  teachers, who do not intend to tell the students about same-sex “families”, to  defend their labor rights in the court.

In their turn, parents should decide whether they wish to send their children  to the lessons at which they will be told about marriage or not. The “Coalition”  also reminds that Church schools officially have a right to talk about the  marriage and family according to their own views.

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