CCRF Chair Confronts Toronto Star Writer on Anti-Faith Bigotry


TORONTO – The chair of a noted human rights organization has taken to task a Toronto Star journalist over alleged anti-religious bigotry in a recent article.

Father Geoffrey Korz, Chair of the Canadian Council for Religious Freedom (CCRF), has written to the editor of the left-leaning Toronto paper in response to a July 28 article by Martin Regg Cohn championing the suppression of the religious conscience rights of physicians in Ontario.

“The article takes the cake,” Korz commented.

“Apparently this writer thinks that faith has no place in society outside a private closet. The conclusions of this article are positively Stalinesque,” he said.

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Star staff had yet to reply to the remarks at the time of publication.

The CCRF has long advocated conscience rights for workers, both public and private.

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“At a time when Ontario is starving for doctors, this writer advocates an attack on basic Canadian freedoms between a patient and their doctor.

It solves nothing, but it’s a great way to drive doctors out of Ontario.”

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