CCRF Releases Parents’ Guide to Education Choices

TORONTO – In response to numerous requests from Ontario, Alberta, and other provinces for constructive guidance for parents dealing with religious freedom issues in schools, the Canadian Council for Religious Freedom today released its latest publication, A Parents’ Guide to Education Choices. (Download a PDF Version here).

“A number of provinces across Canada have taken unprecedented steps in restricting the freedom of parents when it comes to basic oversight over the education of their children,” said CCRF Chair, Father Geoffrey Korz.

“The Parents’ Guide to Education Choices provides some first steps to dealing with the school system, and to confronting those individuals who believe they know better than parents what students should be receiving in schools,” he said.

The new campaign is accompanied by an introductory video.

Parents will also find useful the Parent Contract with Public Schools form (Download a PDF Version here), prepared by legal counsel in Ontario. families can fill in the form with their personal details, indicate specific concerns related to their faith and worldview, sign the form, and submit it to the school for inclusion in the student record.

Further details on ways to get the most out of this form are available in the Parents’ Guide to Education Choices.