Toronto Police Target Faith Group

TORONTO – Canada Day 2012 saw thousands of LGBT activists join the Toronto Pride Parade, backed by an army of Toronto Police Services to enforce their side of the law.

A small group of peaceful Christian witnesses were on scene to engage in constructive discussion with the Pride marchers. During their exchange, Toronto police stepped in to confront the Christian group, ignoring the taunts and threats of the Pride marchers.

While Pride marchers hurled insults and challenges at the faith group, the spokesman for the group appealed for calm dialogue and mutual respect.

Within minutes, a larger contingent of officers moved in, surrounding the Christian group, and indicating that they should move. When asked by the group spokesman to cite the bylaw under which they were prohibited from speaking about their faith on a public sidewalk, the officers refused to cite any law.

The annual Toronto Pride parade draws thousands of marchers, including nude exhibitionists, political activists, and participants displaying simulated and real public sexual acts.

In past years, police have refrained from arresting lawbreakers who are parade participants, even when requested to do so by members of the public.

Within ten minutes of the arrival of the officers, the Christian group was forcibly disbursed, a move that was greeted by cheers and jeers from the assembled parade activists.

There was no immediate comment from the Toronto Police Services.