CCRF Calls on Province to Revisit Ombudsman Protection Law

TORONTO – The Canadian Council for Religious Freedom (CCRF) called for the Ontario Legislature to revisit the extension of the protection of the Ombudsman of Ontario to complaints involving schools and hospitals.

In a letter to MPP Rosario Marchese, sponsor of the recently defeated bill, the Chair of the CCRF noted that, “Ontario’s Ombudsman serves a critical function in protecting the religious freedoms of the citizens of our province, yet current legislation ties the hands of the Ombudsman on the wide variety of services provided by provincial ministries such as Health and Education,”

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Father Geoffrey Korz, the CCRF Chair, commented that the passage of the proposed bill would have filled a large gap in the current legal protection of individual conscience and freedom of faith and expression.

“We encourage Mr. Marchese and our other MPPs to revisit this law at the earliest opportunity,” he said.

“Ontario has the chance to provide a blueprint for every level of government in Canada to protect religious freedoms. We must not miss that opportunity.”