TDSB Does The Right Thing on Rentals – Now Keep Going: CCRF

TORONTO – The Toronto District School Board did the right thing in reconsidering it’s rental fees hike specifically targeting faith groups, says the head of the Canadian Council for Religious Freedom (CCRF).

In a letter to Toronto school trustees, CCRF Chair Father Geoffrey Korz noted, “no members of the Board would ever consider imposing (an 800% rental hike) upon another charity or community group,”

(Download the full letter to the Toronto District School Board trustees here)

In its letter, the Council called on the Toronto Board to bear in mind the need to respect diversity and equal access for all community groups as it drafts its new rental rates.

According to the CCRF Chair, “If the TDSB is authentically committed to diversity, they will offer the same rental rates to faith groups as to other community groups,”

The Council further offered the Board its professional support and services at no cost, to offer advice or guidance to the TDSB in providing faith-respecting policies and procedures to the people of Toronto.

Noting that the Toronto decision has the potential to set a new standard for inclusion and fairness toward community groups, the CCRF urged Toronto trustees to “seize the opportunity” in setting an example for other boards.

For more information, contact the Canadian Council for Religious Freedom here.