Why Write A Policy Making Faith Groups Third-Class? TDSB Director Won’t Answer

Toronto District School Board Director Chris Spence won’t respond to questions on why his Board insists on making faith groups third class – and why the Board has even written a policy to ensure it.

The Toronto Board recently passed a resolution raising rentals for many groups using Board property. Trustees justified the move, citing lower revenues and the need to meet a budget shortfall.

Yet the Board was able to find funds to lessen the blow of rental hikes for all but one rental group: faith groups.

The Board’s new rental policy created a unique category for religious-use rentals, raising current rents a staggering 800%. The policy comes into force on January 1, 2013.

The TDSB has refused to respond to critical questions raised by the Canadain Council for Religious Freedom, and other advocacy groups who have questioned the Board’s move.

Protesters at the TDSB offices have received no response from the Board to their concerns.