Starbucks Canada ducks religious freedom request


TORONTO – Starbucks Canada has ducked a request to defend the freedom of its emplyees to wear faith-related jewellery.

In response to a November 4 inquiry from the Canadian Council for Religious Freedom (CCRF), a Starbucks customer service rep simply replied that, “We take your concerns about this seriously and want to assure you they have been thoroughly documented and shared with all appropriate departments here in Starbucks corporate office. Again, we appreciate you taking the time to write us.”

The CCRF responded by requesting a clear, written response, committing the company to defending the religious freedoms of its employees.

“We appreciate your reply, (but) you have not answered our Council’s question,” wrote CCRF Chair Father Geoffrey Korz.

“The original question is as follows: Could you please indicate whether your company will protect the freedom of employees to wear visible jewellery bearing expressions of their faith, including neck crosses or the Star of David?”

The CCRF confirmed that they will be sharing with our members and supporters our progress in obtaining a response, and requested that the matter be shared with Starbuck’s corporate president for Canada.